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Meet Our Farmers: Canales Produce

Posted by Corinne Monaco at Apr 30, 2020 04:27 PM |
A small family farm, it is not uncommon for farmers Manny and Michelle's daughter to join them at market or in the fields. Their specialty produce is some of the best in Washington.

"Canales produce has been growing certified organically since 1994. We believe in taking care of the land and growing healthy food for everyone." 

This straightforward yet meaningful approach is very much in line with the experience of their produce at market. Grow a few crops at a time, sustainably, and the best way you possibly can. 


Each year in the early spring, Farmers Manny and Michelle of Canales Produce return to the farmers markets with asparagus. Fat, thin and everything in between, if you're looking for asparagus, that's what they've got. There is a great deal of emphasis placed on business diversification, but if you ever taste Canales Produce's asparagus, you realize there is just as much value in specialization. It is truly heavenly, and we're just talking about asparagus here. By mid-summer sweet, flavorful strawberries replace the asparagus and are in turn replaced by jammy, plump blackberries. In late summer come the grapes. These are some of the BEST grapes,  indulgently sweet and refreshing, they make for the perfect hot weather snack. Biting into the seedless Interlaken variety, you would think you had just taken a sip of pure honey nectar. This interpretation of the experience may seem like high drama, but ask any of Canales Produce's many loyal customers, and they would vouch that this is one hundred percent accurate. 


              Farmer Manny, (right), with his youngest daughter Alegria.

Michelle and Manny are often accompanied both on the farm and at market by their daughters. The close-knit family farms in Concrete, WA. Canales Produce can typically be found at the University District, West Seattle, Capitol Hill and Columbia City Farmers Markets seasonally. Keep up to date about how to support family farms like Canales Produce by checking our Shopper Sourcing Guide, updated regularly. 

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