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Nonprofits & Musicians

Nonprofit Outreach

We are able to provide a small amount of space for non-profit organizations to do outreach and education at our markets.  We focus on groups that are: 

  • Educating the public about sustainable farming, agriculture, local food and gardening, 
  • Directly serving the market neighborhood.
  • Providing an engaging and relevant activity for families.  
  • Increasing local fresh food access to low-income individuals and families (e.g., WIC FMNP)

Examples of groups we have at our markets: Master Gardeners, Seattle Tilth & Master Composters, local food banks who partner with us in gleaning programs, Stewardship Partners/Salmon Safe, SDOT, Seward Park Environmental Center, PCC Farmland Trust, University District Partnership, Lake City Future First, Columbia City Business Association.

Non-profits cannot fund raise or sell anything. Space is limited and we do not have room to accommodate all inquiries. 

The NFM is non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to support local farms.  Our markets are private events to which we welcome the public; we screen applicants for space and reserve the right to refuse space to anyone. Signature-gathering, petitioning, leafleting, partisan political groups, political campaigning, etc. may happen at the entrances to the market, but those groups are not granted space within the market.  The markets are crowded and our mission is to facilitate connections between farmers and consumers

If you are interested in scheduling space, please contact us by phone or email to request an application. The application fee is $10 and each market day is $35/45/50 depending on the market. When you contact us, please first tell us about your organization and what you want to do at the market: info (at)



We welcome music that is upbeat, family-friendly and skillfully presented. 

We have essentially have two types of performance opportunities at our farmers markets; both play for tips:

  • Busking: performers who show up on market day and sign up for a space, if available. All buskers must sign an agreement form and give an annual $15 donation to the NFM.  Buskers are not guaranteed space and will be asked to leave if they are disruptive or unsuitable for the markets.
  • Scheduled music: performers who are an appropriate fit for our markets may contact our office to arrange for a date and time to perform under a designated 10 x 10 canopy, at select markets only. ("Appropriate" includes: moderate volume, family-friendly, enjoyable skill level, positive attitude.  Most of our markets have no access to electrical outlets; music should be acoustic.)

Several guidelines to keep in mind: music is kept at a low volume so as not to interfere with market conversations and sales (generally no drums, brass, etc); performers play for tips only; the markets do not provide any equipment (other than a 10x10 canopy cover). Buskers must check in with the market manager when they show up, and are given a designated spot/time to play, if available.

The NFM is non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to support local farms.  Our markets are private events to which we welcome the public. We reserve the right to refuse space to anyone.