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For Chefs

Tamara Murphy at t The Feast

We deeply appreciate what Seattle's restaurants have done to showcase and encourage local sourcing. Many of you have already discovered that the markets are a wonderful place to forge connections with growers.  Our market staff is happy to answer your questions and help you locate products/farms on market day.  We can also work with you to make weekly parking, loading and schleping easier.  

Chef Tamara Murphy, originator of An Incredible Feast*

Finding Farms and Products

  • We have current details here for contacting market farmers and vendors (as of May 2020).  You can also go HERE to find vendor lists and vendor contact details for each of our markets (type the name of the market in the search box).

Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

  • We love having chefs at the market showing shoppers what they can do with seasonal products! Contact our office, or talk to the on-site manager at your favorite market.

*An Incredible Feast: Our annual fundraiser matches local chefs with our farmers for a night of incredible food and fun celebration. All proceeds benefit the Good Farmer Fund and our low income outreach and educational programs.