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We’ve granted small farms more than $250,000 in relief funds.

It’s hard to make a living as a farmer, even under the best conditions. Small farms, particularly new farms, operate within such tight margins that just one emergency, can lead to a financial disaster.

The Good Farmer Fund assists farms in crisis. Funds help mitigate financial fallout from situations such as crop loss from extreme weather, equipment or infrastructure damage or loss from fire, flood, or heavy snow, or predator-related livestock loss.

We raise funds through our annual fundraising event, An Incredible Feast. This event lives up to its name, with dishes created from our farmers’ gorgeous, high-quality foods by some of Seattle’s top chefs – all to create a cushion to help small farms keep farming when disaster strikes.

Additional funds are generously provided by individuals who designate their gifts for the Good Farmer Fund – people just like you.