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Because we believe everyone should get to eat and enjoy delicious food, it’s one of our top priorities to make the beautiful foods grown by small farms accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of income. To put fresh ingredients grown on small Washington farms into your hands, we work with a number of programs designed to make shopping for farm-fresh foods simple.

How do I start?

Step 1: Visit the informational booth at any of our markets and ask about food access programs. We’ll help you discover ways you can shop for farm-grown foods and get more for your money.

Step 2: If you’re an EBT/SNAP participant, you can double EBT dollars and start shopping for delicious food. If you have a voucher from another program, we’ll tell you how and where you can spend it.

What are the programs?


Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT/SNAP) shoppers can use their benefits to shop at any of our 7 neighborhood markets to buy anything except cut flowers, alcohol, and ready-to-eat foods.

When you arrive at the market, visit the information booth. We’ll swipe your card for the amount you choose and give you wooden market tokens in exchange. These tokens never expire. Use them at any of our markets at any time. Also, your dollars are doubled with Fresh Bucks (see below). For more information, call 1-877-501-2233.

SNAP Market Match Program

The SNAP Market Match program is a dollar-for-dollar match that doubles your EBT/SNAP dollars in $1 increments. Like your card, this program is available at any of our 7 markets, at any time.

When you visit the market booth with your EBT/SNAP card, we’ll give you SNAP Market Match in $1 increments equal to the amount of market token dollars you redeem. There is no limit on the amount you choose to match: Take out $20 in EBT/SNAP and get an additional $20 in Market Match.

Use SNAP Market Match to buy fresh, frozen, or dried fruits and vegetables, and edible plant starts.


Through FMNP programs, WIC recipients and seniors can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at any of our seven markets. Spend the entire amount of your FMNP coupon during your market visit. We aren’t able to give you change.

It’s easy to find farm booths that participate in this program.
Just look for the yellow WIC and Senior FMNP signs.

If you’re a WIC mom, visit your local WIC clinic for details about how to receive coupons. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive FMNP coupons in addition to your regular benefits.

If you’re a senior who might qualify, check with the Seattle/King County Office of Aging and Disability Services. Applications are due by mid-May each year. Eligible seniors must be 60 or older and have an annual income below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level. Call Senior Information and Services at 206-448-3110 or Community Living Connections at 206-962-8467 or 1-844-348-5464 for more information.

WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Programs are sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture; the Washington State Department of Health, Community Wellness and Prevention; and the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Aging and Disability Services Administration.


This program provides Farm Bucks for food bank clients and others to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables at our farmers markets. Farm Bucks are market currency able to be spent at any of our seven markets. Charitable or service organizations, such as food banks, purchase Farm Bucks from us and distribute them to their clients, giving them direct access to fresh, local farm produce at any of our seven markets.

Would your organization like to sponsor Helping Harvest Farm Bucks?

The process is easy. Determine your budget and how many Farm Bucks you’d like to distribute and send us a note.