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We've always been more than our markets.

Since the work of Neighborhood Farmers Markets started more than 25 years ago, we’ve opened and maintained seven thriving neighborhood markets where small farmers can sell their goods directly in convenient, personable neighborhood settings.

Our markets have been rooted from the start in robust programming and advocacy to help ensure that small farms can succeed.


We’ve led key advocacy efforts at the city, county, and state levels to allow farmers to sell their products directly to consumers.


Our programs educate and support farmers, shoppers, and members of neighborhood communities


NFM launched the Good Farmer Fund, an emergency relief fund for Washington farmers.


Our work makes local food more accessible to food-insecure residents. In 2009, NFM piloted the precursor to the Fresh Bucks program, which provides an unlimited dollar match for SNAP users.

We’re proud of Washington’s small farms, proud of the shoppers who support them, and proud of the work we do to create connections among these groups to help ensure that quality, local foods continue to be available to nourish the whole community.