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We're here to support Washington's small family farms


We support and strengthen Washington’s small, sustainable family farms by creating and operating vibrant, neighborhood-scale markets where farmers and food producers can sell their goods, develop relationships with customers, and grow their capacity to produce local ingredients and artisanal products. Local farms make our communities more welcoming, more food-secure, and much more delicious. Our mission is to help them thrive.

Our work supports farmers, shoppers, and communities.
More than operating the markets, we actively support farmers, educate consumers, and advocate for policies that make producing, selling, acquiring, and eating good food more attainable.


We help strengthen local farms by providing emergency relief, advocating for policies that protect small-scale farms, and providing direct sales opportunities to run successful businesses.

We work with local and federal organizations to provide equal food and nutrition access to all Seattle residents. We educate shoppers about eating and preparing local foods

We connect neighbors by creating a vibrant, open-air community space featuring events and educational programming. We develop positive relationships with neighborhood organizations to make sure we are best serving the needs of our communities.

Our markets create an organic cycle of support, productivity, and positive impact.

When we take care of market planning and logistics, producers can focus on providing sustainable local foods to the community and shoppers gain access to their products and directly participate in improving farmers’ lives through the purchases they make.

We design each market around the distinct neighborhoods we serve. Our markets are a convenient place where community members can find a wide variety of seasonal local foods to feed themselves and their families.

We would love for you to get involved.