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Heirloom apples, beautiful brassicas, winter squash, sunchokes, and holiday wreaths!

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Winter Squash



Unique at the Farmers Markets:

Produce you probably won't find anywhere else...

  • Quail, duck and goose eggs from select farmers
  • Japanese heirloom greens and vegetables from Mair Farm Taki at U-District Market
  • Locally made cider, beer, brandy and non alcoholic beverages like kombucha and ginger tea
  • Unusual and heirloom apple varieties at U-District market!
  • Goats Milk Laundry Detergent from Growing Things at U-District Farmers Market


Ask our staff at the market info booths if you have questions or can't find what you're looking for.

Apples Galore!

Macoun, Golden Russet, Jonathan, Prairie Spy, Pirus and more.

apples Oct 2016



What's Ripe & Ready?

Please note: we do our best to keep up with what farms and vendors do and don't have, but as always Mother Nature has the final word.  Market abbreviations: CH (Capitol Hill), UD (University District), WS (West Seattle).


Beans (Dried Shell):  Garbanzo, Black Turtle, Cranberry, Cannellini, Peruvian


Brussels Sprouts



Garlic - many varieties, mild to hot

Greens - Spinach, Mache, Kale


Microgreens - Radish, Bok Choy


Mushrooms: Sno Valley at WS, CapHill and UD (fresh mushrooms and growing kits - Lions’ Mane, Shitake, Oyster, Reishi)

Vegetables (continued)

Dried Peppers -  powders and dried whole Hot Pepper Powders: Hatch, Portugal, Joe Parker, Sandia, Cayenne, Jalapeno, Chili de Arbol, Guajillo.

Sweet Pepper Powders and Dried Veggies
: Dried Heirloom Tomatoes, Dried Roma Tomatoes, Veggie Chips

Kale Chips - plain, salted and flavored.  Packed and ready to go.  (UD, CH)

Potatoes: White, red, yukon, blue, purple, baking, fingerling, and bags of baby spuds.

Squash - Winter varieties: Butternut, Acorn, Heirlooms, Soup Pumpkins, Jack o'Lanterns, Sugar Pie 




Cranberries: juice and frozen


Dried fruits from various farmers 

Frozen summer fruits also available from various farmers


Raw, local, unheated & unfiltered, at all markets, from various farmers and apiaries.


Local hazelnuts from Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards in Whatcom County. Roasted, dried, raw, flavored – also oils, nut butter and flour. (UD, WS.)


Glendale Shepherd: Yogurt, Feta, Sheep’s milk aged Basque-style Tomme. At UD and WS.

Left Foot Farm: Goats milk. WS, UD.

Samish Bay:  Cow’s Milk Fresh Yogurts – Greek style, too. Cow’s milk cheeses: Ladysmith, Chive Ladysmith, Arugula Ladysmith, Black Mambazo, Aged Reserve Gouda (9 years), Queso Fresco, Queso Diablo, Queso Jalapeño, Fresh Mozzarella, Feta, Labneh. Also Organic Gouda, Flavored Goudas, Mont Blanchard Cheddar, Montasio (raw milk), Port Edison (raw milk). Cheeses from one day old to 9 or more years old. At CH, UD, WS.

Sea Breeze Farm:  Aged Cow’s milk (5 mos.) tome rounds, fresh whey Ricotta, Raw Milk, Raw Heavy Cream.  At UD.

YOGURT - Farm-fresh yogurts from Samish Bay (cow's milk) (UD, WS, CapHill), Glendale Shepherd (sheep's milk) (UD). Processed local yogurt from Ellenos Real Greek at CH, WS and UD

Grains and Flours

  • Nash’s: Soft White Wheat Flour and Hard Red Flour, Corn Meal. Freshly ground within 48 hours of the market. Certified organic (UD, CH)  
  • Oh Yeah Farms:  Flours, Pancake Mixes, Wheatberries (UD,CH - limited dates)
  • Quinoa - River Run Farm (UD)

Meat, Poultry, Rabbit

PORK - Organic/Pasture-Raised-and-Finished pork. All cuts: Loins, Chops, Roasts, Bacon, Ribs, Sausages, Porchetta, Pancetta, Coppa, Lard.

  • Samish Bay (UD, WS, CH,)
  • Skagit River Ranch (UD)
  • Olsen Farms   (UD, WS CH)
  • Sea Breeze Farm (UD)
  • Hidden River Farm (WS)

BEEF - Organic/Pasture-Raised-and-Finished beef at all markets. All cuts: Steaks, Roasts, Hamburger, Ribs, Summer Sausage, Andouille Sausage, Jerky, London Broil, Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, soup bones, dog bones.

  • Samish Bay (CapHill, UD, WS)
  • Skagit River Ranch (UD)
  • Olsen Farms ( CapHill, UD, WS)
  • Sea Breeze Farm (UD)
  • Stokesberry Farm (UD)
  • Hidden River Farm (WS)

POULTRY - Free-run, locally-raised chicken/poultry. Fryers, Stewing Hens and Roasters. Poultry Parts, Sausage, Chicken liver (pate) and chicken stock. Fresh and Frozen. Goose, Guinea Fowl, Duck and Turkey (whole and parts) also available as seasons permit

  • Green Bow Farm -  Large roasters (WS only) 
  • Stokesberry Sustainable Farm -  Fresh Duck, Chicken, Turkey, Stewing hens, Chicken Parts, Fresh Roasters, Fresh and Frozen Whole Duck, Chicken Sausage (sage & garlic, maple, plain ground, Chipotle Tequila, Shitake and Sage, Fremont Beer Bratwurst. (UD only)
  • Rathbun and Moore - chicken, ducks, turkeys (CH)
  • Growing Washington -  (UD, WS,CH)
  • Skagit River Ranch - whole roasters (UD only) 
  • Sea Breeze Farm (UD)
  • Kirsop Farm (WS)

VEAL - Ribs, Loin Chops, Top Round, Shanks. From Sea Breeze Farm (UD) – limited availability.

LAMB - Leg of Lamb, Rack of Lamb, Lamb Saddle Roast - fresh cuts, ground fresh, from:

  • Glendale Shepherd -  Lamb cuts and  chorizo (frozen)  (UD only)
  • Stokesberry Farm -  Icelandic Lamb (UD only)
  • Sea Breeze Farm (UD, WS)
  • Olsen Farms -  ground, cuts ( CH, WS, UD)
  • Skagit River Ranch - (UD only) 
  • Green Bow Farm - mutton, too, limited quantities  (WS only)

RABBIT - Whole rabbit (limited quantities) from Growing Washington (CH, WS, UD) 

Pate' de Foie, Pate’ de Campagne, Chicken Liver Mousse, Head Cheese, Pork Rillettes (chicken, pork and calf liver with red wine, cream and garlic) from Sea Breeze (UD, CC)

SOUP STOCKS - Veal, chicken, beef, duck and lamb stocks; rich, gelatinous stocks for your best home recipes from Sea Breeze Farms (UD) and Stokesberry Farms (UD)


WILD SALMON - From Loki Fish at CH, UD and WS. Frozen King, Sockeye and Keta. Also Ikira (fresh roe) and Skeines. Canned, Smoked, Lox, Jerky, Salmon sausage and patties, Chum Caviar, Whole Egg Sacks, Pickled Keta and Sockeye. 

FRESH OYSTERS, CLAMS, MUSSELS - Fresh Oysters, Smoked and Pickled Oysters. Mahogany Clams, Manila Clams, Crab, Shrimp, PLUS fried oyster sliders From Hama Hama Seafood at UD. Brady's Oysters at WS.

TUNA.  Fresh albacore tuna loin and sushi grade cuts - and canned - Mediterranean (olive oil), Dill, Garlic, Smoked, Truffle Oil, Lemon Pepper, Tarantella (all belly meat) from Fishing Vessel St. Jude - at UD.


Chicken, Duck, also Goose and Turkey eggs (as available). Please Note: supplies vary with the season and the mood of the hens..

  • Early Bird (CH)
  • Gray Sky (CH)
  • Green Bow Farm  (WS)
  • Kirsop Farm (WS)
  • Growing Washington ( UD, WS and CH)
  • River Farm  (UD) 
  • Skagit River Ranch (UD)
  • Steel Wheel (CH)
  • Stokesberry Sustainable Farm (UD) – chicken and duck eggs
  • Sea Breeze Farm (UD)
  • Top Market Trading (WS)


Cider Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, Raspberry Apple Cider Vinegars, Black cherry, Blueberry Apple, Strawberry Apple – all from Rockridge Orchards at UD, WS.  Fruit-based vinegars from Growing Washington at CH, UD, WS.

Drinking Vinegars (Shrubs): seasonal varieties from Woodring  (UD, WS and CH) and The Shrubbery (UD, WS, CH)

Fresh Pasta

Seasonal, local flavors, all shapes, ravioli, fresh sauces.  La Pasta (CH, UD, WS).

Artisan Breads & Pastries

Adrienne's Cakes and Pies (WS)

Tall Grass Bakery: Artisan French loaves, pumpernickel, rye, hominy; cookies, scones, cinnamon rolls, Danish, and granola. (UD, WS)

Preston Hill Bakery: Artisan wood fired organic grain breads. Also vegan scones. (UD)

Sweet & Savory Bakery: dessert of the week (for e.g., pear cardamon cake with creme anglaise); seasonal frozen gourmet appetizers (e.g., mushroom nut with roasted kale and carrot jam), seasonal cookies, etc (UD)

Honest Biscuits: tender flaky biscuits, all local ingredients, sweet and savory (cheese, sausage, salmon, bacon, apples, seasonal specials).  (CH, WS, UD)

NuFlours: Gluten-free artisan loaves; sweet and savory pastries and sweet breads. (UD, CH)

Shambala Bakery - Gluten-free pastries, artisan breads and rolls, pizza crust.  (WS)

Standard Bakery:  French pastry, cookies, scones (UD and CH) 

Little Prague: Eastern European style pastries. (UD, WS, CH)

Wine, Beer and Distilled Spirits

Rotating Tasting Schedules for Beer and Wine

  • Sweetbread Cellars from Vashon Island: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Brisage, Syrah and Blends - brought to Market by Sea Breeze Farm (UD,)
  • Rockridge Orchards:  Sweet Raspberry and Spiced Blackberry dessert wines and Tayberry Table Wines. Apple Brandy and Vodka (UD, WS).
  • Bainbridge Vineyards - Madeline Angevine, Farmstead White, Muller Thurgau, Pinot Noir, Siegerrebe (UD and WS)
  • White Heron Wine (Mariposa Vineyards): Chardonnay, Merlot, Arvine, Sweet Roussanne.  (UD, WS, CH)
  • Wilridge Winery:  Nebbiolo, Barbera, Sangiovese, Malbec, Pinot Grigio, Viognier (UD, CH, WS) 
  • Tin Dog Brewing: hand crafted in West Seattle, locally sourced ingredients (WS, UD)
  • Lowercase Brewing: hand crafted brews with locally sourced ingredients (UD, CC) 

Cider & Mead

Hard Cider, Mead 

  • Rockridge Orchards: - hard ciders and meads made from northwest apples; hard sparkling ciders – 100% apple base – methode traditionelle.  (UD, WS) 


  • Apple, Honeycrisp, Heirloom Blend,  Asian Pear, Apple Raspberry, Apple Apricot, Spiced Apple, Cherry-Apple from Rockridge Orchards (UD, WS) 
  • Tonnemaker Family Orchards (Honeycrisp, Braeburn/Cameo) (UD, WS, CH)
  • Apple cider from Martin Family Orchard (CH, UD, WS)
  • Spiced Cider Syrups from Rockridge Orchards (UD, WS)


Artisanal Beverages


Fresh, raw cranberry juice from Starvation Alley Farm (UD)


  • Rachel’s Ginger Beer - seasonal flavors (UD only)
  • Timber City Ginger Beer - (WS) 
  • Malus Fermented Ginger Beer (CH)

ROOT BEER:  Rockridge Orchards (WS, UD)

KOMBUCHA:  Fermented digestive beverages. Mystic Kombucha at WS and CH.  Communi-Tea at UD


Trevani Truffles: Homemade Truffles, Bon Bons and Caramels. Farmers Market inspired flavors. Vegan, too!  (UD)

Jonboy Caramels (CH, UD and WS)

Fermented & Pickled


  • Woodring Orchards (UD, CH and WS)
  • Britt's Pickles - (WS)
  • River Farm (sourced from farm; organic ingredients) (UD)
  • Iggy's Foods - Live fermented beets, veggies, sauerkrauts, kombucha (UD)
  • Seattle Canning Company - Spicy eggplant relish, tomato relish, pickled green beans (UD)
  • Bonnie B's Peppers - Organic wax peppers, green and red sauces plus mustard relish (CH)


Frozen quarts to go from Got Soup?:  Seasonal soups, chowders, bisques; sourced from local farms, ever-changing menu.(UD, CH,WS)

Jams, Jellies, Sauces, Spreads

Woodring Foods: White Chocolate Marzipan, Bittersweet Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate sauces.  Plus, locally-sourced Lavender, Rose Petal, Raspberry, Peach Chipotle, Marionberry, Black Raspberry, Golden Raspberry, Black Currant, Tayberry, Lingonberry, Blueberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Ginger Rhubarb, Rhubarb Preserves, Apricot, Apple, Pumpkin Butter, Ginger Chutney and spreads. (CH, UD, WS)

Growing Things Farm: Plum, Raspberry, Peach/Apricot and Blueberry jams. (UD) 

Tiny's Organic Farm - seasonal jams from farm fresh fruit (CH, WS, UD)

Rockridge Orchards - Apple Syrups (UD, WS)

Ready-to-Eat Market Bites

Some food vendors are on rotating or alternating schedules rather than weekly.

Ready-to-eat foods at U-District Farmers Market

  • Pampeana Empanadas – freshly made pastry pockets, savory and sweet. 
  • Patty Pan –  vegetarian quesadillas, seasonal grilled vegetables, homemade salsas
  • Tandoozy – Indian street food, rich with spices, Basmati rice, fresh warm Naan bread made on-site; plenty of garlic; homemade mango chutney. 
  • Loki Fish – wild caught salmon sliders, grilled on-site, with Columbia City Bakery buns. Also Saturday morning Salmon Hash, piping hot Salmon Chowder and Halibut Burgers.
  • Nature’s Last Stand - Breakfast sandwiches made with the farm's own pasture raised pork (bacon and sausage), free range eggs, with Samish Bay cheese and Morsel biscuits or Tall Grass Brioche. Also grilled sausage sandwiches, quiche, egg salad, marinated eggs.
  • Oh Yeah! Farms - Farm fresh fries plus farm breakfasts made with pancakes from farm grown and milled wheat, bacon and eggs.  All locally sourced. Limited availibility in winter.

Ready-to-eat Market Bites (continued)

Ready-to-eat foods at Capitol Hill Farmers Market:

  • El Chito – freshly made authentic Mexican tamales
  • 314 Pies - sweet and savory hand pies to eat now, or take home.
  • Miri's Poffers - Mini pancakes made to order with sweet toppings (preserves, powdered sugar) and savory (raclette, wild mushrooms, bacon and egg breakfast poffers and more...)
  • Mystery Bay Seafood - hot chowder, seafood stews - also frozen to take home.
  • Patty Pan -  vegetarian quesadillas, seasonal grilled vegetables, homemade salsas
  • Nature's Last Stand - Breakfast sandwiches made with the farm's own pasture raised pork (bacon and sausage), free range eggs, with Samish Bay cheese and Morsel biscuits or Tall Grass Brioche. Also grilled sausage sandwiches
  • Oh Yeah! Farms - Farm fresh fries plus breakfast made with pancakes from farm grown and milled wheat, bacon and eggs.  All locally sourced.   

Ready-to-eat foods at West Seattle Farmers Market:

  • Pampeana Empanadas – freshly made pastry pockets, savory and sweet.
  • Nature's Last Stand - Breakfast sandwiches made with the farm's own pasture raised pork (bacon and sausage), free range eggs, with Samish Bay cheese and artisan breads from market vendors
  • Girls Gone BBQ - sandwiches, brisket, cornbread
  • Falafel Salam - middle eastern sandwiches, hummus, falafel, entrees