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Our Board and Staff

NFM Staff:

  • Executive Director: Chris Curtis
  • Associate Director: Julian O'Reilley
  • Market Managers: Molly Burke, Ivy Fox, Samantha Kielty, Erin Frost, Patrick Law, Nick Snyder
  • Programs Coordinator: Janet Hurt
  • Outreach & Development Coordinator: Anna Sparks
  • Bookkeeping: Rania Spade
  • Market Assistants: Thea Dunlap-Preuss, Hannah Gallagher and Nina Gruber 
  • Transportation & Facilities Coordinators: Maddy Williams, Nick Snyder 

NFM Board of Directors:

  • Tom Phillips, President
  • Bryan Ford, Vice President
  • Nancy Fox, Secretary/Treasurer 
  • Chris Petry, Oh Yeah! Farms/Vendor Representative
  • Dylan Knutson, Loki Fish, Farmer/Vendor Representative
  • Eddie Alvarez, Alvarez Organic Farms/Vendor Representative
  • Shelley Verdi, Whistling Train Farm, Farmer/Vendor Representative
  • Leslie Kelly
  • Terri Silver
  • Paul Swanson
  • Joe Gruber
  • Stephen Antupit